LAPD Police Administration Building

The new LAPD Police Administration Building is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Charged with creating an accessible, environmentally friendly (LEED gold), and welcoming civic space for the people who live and work downtown, the landscape design creates both physical and metaphorical connections between the community and the police department. Not only intended for use by the police officers and civil employees, the grounds are used by office workers and neighborhood residents throughout the day and evening.

The building and site were designed to complement and accentuate adjacent downtown buildings. For instance, the site’s main plaza opens to the historic LA City Hall building across First Street, creating a physical connection between these two branches of government. To the South, the palm grove lining the great lawn formally recalls the façade of the nearby LA Times Building. The Memorial Garden is directly across from the hypergraphic "200" address sign of the iconic Caltrans building across the street. The building and landscape is also aligned with the historic St. Vibiana Church to the southeast.

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA                                    ARCHITECT: AECOM
OWNER: LA Bureau of Engineering                       LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Meléndez
COMPLETED: 2009                                                   ROLE: Designer / Project Manager 
AWARDS2009 AIA/LA Building Team of the Year
2010 Los Angeles Business Council, Award of Excellence
2012 Southern California American Society of Landscape Architects, Honor Award

Pasadena Convention Center Expansion

The LEED Silver Pasadena Convention Center Expansion by Fentress Architects reestablished the building as a state-of-the-art destination convention center while respecting the historic Italian Renaissance style Civic Auditorium in the center of the site. A broad central plaza was designed to link the iconic Auditorium building and the two flanking convention center buildings.

Intended for red carpet openings as well as large convention center crowds and community festivals, the plaza’s patterns and materials recall those of the nearby historic Pasadena City Hall. Working closely with the architects to preserve the architectural heritage of the original auditorium, many new site elements, including precast concrete balustrade and pilasters, exactly duplicating the historic design features. Other contemporary details including handrails, lighting, paving and planting, add prominence to the auditorium while not conflicting with the new or old architecture.

LOCATION: Pasadena, CA                                  ARCHITECT: Fentress Architects
OWNER: City of Pasadena                                  LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Meléndez
COMPLETED: 2009                                              ROLE: Designer / Project Manager
Symantec Corporation

The HOK designed 550,000 sf Symantec Corporate research campus in Culver City, California was envisioned as strong and secure citadel on a hill. Designed to compliment the architecture of the building, the corporate campus includes a formal entry for visitors while creating behind the scenes outdoor spaces for employees. The landscape design was an integral part of the project’s LEED-NC gold rating, a significant accomplishment on a corporate project of this scale.

The entry drive is lined with a row of Date Palms alternating with photo voltaic art sculptures designed by Brad Goldberg, made of marble that generate a wonderful glow. The palms where chosen to provide balance and mitigate the height of the building and parking structure while allowing light to fall on the PV panels. The palm lined drive leads to the large and open central courtyard lined with Ginkgo Trees. Ligustrum hedge and concrete seatwalls. Following the entry courtyard is a colorful and textural planting zone that reads like ‘meadow’.

LOCATION: Culver City, CA                                     ARCHITECT: HOK
OWNER: Symantec Corporation                             LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Meléndez
COMPLETED: 2008                                                   ROLE: Designer / Project Manager
Toriumi Plaza / Aiso Street Parking

Toriumi Plaza is named after Reverend Howard Toriumi who galvanized the community of Little Tokyo in the 1960's and 1970's to save it from redevelopment that would have destroyed the nature and culture of Little Tokyo.  

Toriumi Plaza is at street level and sits on top of Aiso Street Parking Garage, creating a versatile public space while providing needed parking.  Staggered layers of Ginkgo trees, Bamboo, seating, and shade canopies create more intimate spaces within the flexible plaza designed for various community gatherings and festivals.

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA                                ARCHITECTS: Studio 0.10 / AECOM
OWNER: LA Bureau of Engineering                     LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: MeléndezCOMPLETED: 2011                                 ROLE: Designer / Project Manager

Century Housing Parkette

The landscape design for the Century Housing Office Building in Culver City minimizes the visual impact of new office buildings that were recently constructed on the adjacent property while also providing valuable outdoor space for employees.  The conference rooms originally looked out onto a slope dominated by a concrete drainage swale that could not be removed. The solution was to create a viewing shade garden underneath existing Melaleuca trees with Japanese Maples, Lily Turf, Azaleas, and well placed boulders. The swale, which previously looked like a scar across the landscape, was turned into an attractive landscape feature by covering it with cobble and designing a new water feature that aligns with the swale, metaphorically connecting the two sources of water.

A retaining wall was added to create a level upper and lower courtyard along with a ramp to ensure accessibility. This employee garden area includes a dense hedge, that combined with the sounds from the water feature, reduces road noise. 

LOCATION: Culver City, CA 
OWNER: Century Housing                               LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Meléndez
COMPLETED: 2008                                           ROLE: Designer / Project Manager
Farmers Market

The Farmers Market on Third Street in Los Angeles is a popular destination for Angelinos and tourists alike. Beloved by community members, shoppers, and visitors for decades, the design goal was to develop new amenities for the market while maintaining the spirit of the original market for its long time users. The result is that the Farmers Market itself has been rejuvenated without losing its original identity.

The recreated clock tower replaced the original demolished icon, providing an anchor for the plaza between the original farmers Market and the new A.F. Gilmore development. Much of the original Farmers Market is focused inward, and the design team wanted to build on the energy and activity outside the walls of the market to the plaza and the rest of the development.

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA                    ARCHITECTS: Koning Eizenberg Architects
OWNER: A.F. Gilmore Company              LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Pamela Burton & Co.
COMPLETED: 2002                                    ROLE: Designer / Project Manager 

AWARDS: 2003 Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence
Santa Fe Springs Industrial Campus

An Industrial Complex building expansion in Santa Fe Springs required a comprehensive site master plan to provide pedestrian friendly environments that connect various parts of the property while creating an opportunity for employees to walk outside during breaks and connect with the landscape in an otherwise heavily industrialized neighborhood. 

The new parking lots were designed with bioswales and an abundance of planting areas for Australian Willow trees to shade and reduce the heat island effect of the hot sun on large spans of paving. The bioswales were designed as visual features as much as an environmental features. Flowering plants such as Fortnight Lily and Society Garlic were mixed with ornamental grasses amongst cobble swales shaded by Alder Trees. Shady pedestrian collector paths pass over the swales leading pedestrians towards the building entries.

LOCATION: Santa Fe Springs, CA          ARCHITECTS: Steven Ehrlich Architects
COMPLETED: 2006                                   LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Pamela Burton & Co.
                                                                   ROLE: Designer / Project Manager 

AWARDS: 2007 Southern California American Society of Landscape Architects, Honor Award

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