Santa Monica College Malibu Campus

The new Santa Monica College Malibu Campus is a 3 acre site located within the Malibu Civic Center Complex.  The project includes a 27,500 square foot educational facility, a 5,700 square foot Community Sheriff's Substation, and an interpretive center to support Legacy Park adjacent to the project site.  The landscape design includes parking improvements, arrival plaza, amphitheater courtyard, water feature and green roof. 

The sustainable landscape is designed to emphasize views of the hills to the north and the ocean view across Legacy Park to the south.  The plant palette includes many local natives in combination with low water consuming plants chosen for their dramatic color and texture, arranged in bold massings radiating from the building's 'Nautilus' concept.  The overlaying paving and planting patterns create and define a diversity of spaces ranging from small informal benches to an amphitheater for large outdoor functions.

LOCATIONMalibu, CA                                   ARCHITECT: Quatro Design Group
STATUS: Plan Check                                      LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: LINK la

Claremont McKenna College Roberts Pavilion

The site design for the Roberts Pavilion Fitness and Athletic Center emphasizes pedestrian movement into campus by closing Mills Avenue to vehicular traffic and creating a pedestrian promenade.  The promenade is anchored by a new campus monument sign at the 6th Street intersection and is lined with Chinese Fringe trees leading pedestrians to the center of campus.  Lacey Palo Verde trees under planted with colorful succulents provide pedestrian scale interest and porosity to the glass building facade.  The promenade is highlighted by the Roberts Pavilion entry plaza and the Chris Burden art piece titled "Meet in the Middle" which will serve as a major circulation node connecting the dorms, pool, athletic center, and the important open green space named Parent's Field.  

LOCATIONClaremont, CA                                    ARCHITECT: JFAK Architects
COMPLETED: 2016                                                 LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: LINK la

Santa Monica College Quad

The new Santa Monica College Quad creates a vibrant new center for the urban campus.  By providing a variety of spaces for large groups, smaller class sessions and individual study, the quad has become an inviting green space for not only students and faculty, but also for local community members who are welcome the explore the open campus.
The landscape design team was challenged to work with current and future circulation patterns to define campus active nodes for various forms of student interaction while developing a plant palette that could stand the test of time and provide large scale bold gestures necessary for a four acre site. The resulting pedestrian promenade is both visually striking but more importantly a flexible circulate path that ties the entire campus together.

LOCATION: Santa Monica, CA                        ARCHITECT: tBP
OWNER: Santa Monica College                      LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Meléndez
COMPLETED: 2009                                          ROLE: Designer / Project Manager 

AWARDS: 2009 Los Angeles Business Council, Landscape Design Award of Excellence; 2009 Community College Facilities Coalition, Award of Excellence; 2012 Southern California American Society of Landscape Architects, Merit Award

Golden West College Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center is located on the west side of campus and houses campus resouces for students and staff.  The plazas and seating areas function as a campus gateway transitioning pedestrians from the expansive parking lot into the campus.  The primary pedestrian spine runs along the north side of the building adjacent to an existing native garden.  Native plants organized in larger geometric massings connect the native garden to the building and site.

Paving materials and patterns link the interior and exterior, carrying through to the central courtyard.  The building entrances are anchored by planted seating gardens designed to reflect the vertical building elevation to the horizontal landscape.

LOCATION: Huntington Beach, CA              ARCHITECT: Steinberg Architects
OWNER: Golden West College                     LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Meléndez

COMPLETED: 2011                                        ROLE: Designer / Project Manager

Santa Monica College Learning Garden 

The Organic Learning Garden is the result of collaboration between students, faculty, design professionals, and garden enthusiasts. An insignificant patch of lawn on the Santa Monica College campus was transformed into a garden where students and community members could gain knowledge and practical experience planting, nurturing, and harvesting garden crops in an organic and sustainable manner that could be replicated at home and community gardens.

Unique and sustainable elements of the Organic Learning Garden include a below grade storm water harvest cistern, outdoor classroom, interactive sundial, accessible raised planter, and a plant palette that consists of garden beneficial insectary plants. Edible and fruit bearing plants were also added to the palette including artichoke, guava, rosemary, strawberry, chives, mint, and thyme.

LOCATION: Santa Monica, CA                        LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Meléndez
OWNER: Santa Monica College                      ROLE: Designer / Project Manager 

COMPLETED: 2011                                                              

Stanford University CCTP/ACP

The Stanford Cancer Treatment & Ambulatory Care Center landscape design creates a warm and welcoming environment for individuals facing a challenging moment in their lives. The palette of warm toned stone, pavers, and wood offers a place of respite for patients, nurses and doctors looking for a place to get away from the stresses of the job, students working their way through campus, and family members of patients looking for a place to spend time with their loved ones.

In order to create a variety of peaceful and nurturing exterior spaces, the site was organized around two sunken courtyards that connect to a major pedestrian spine at grade level that is terminated by a new water feature, and arrival sequence and parking lot. The primary circulation path traverses a variety of landscape zones including a bosque of Evergreen Pear trees, sliding hedge bars, and alternating square panels of lawn framing pedestals for sculptures. 

LOCATION: Palo Alto, CA                         ARCHITECT: BTA, Inc.
OWNER: Stanford University                   LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTPamela Burton & Co.

COMPLETED: 2004                                    ROLE: Designer / Project Manager

CSUCI North Hall Classroom & Faculty Building

The California State University of Channel Islands campus is uniquely nestled in the hills of Camarillo with numerous courtyards surrounded by low white plaster buildings with tiled roofs.  The renovated Faculty Building and new North Hall Classroom Building anchor the south end of the North Quad, serving as a gateway linking the North Quad to the campus. 

The campus contains large spans of lawn.  One of the primary objectives established was to reduce the amount of water consuming lawn in favor of native and low water use shrubs, increasing biodiversity, while protecting mature trees.  Informal paths lead to seating gardens, activating interstitial spaces between buildings in contrast to the large open courtyards and quads.

LOCATION: Camarillo, CA                             ARCHITECT: CO Architects
OWNER: CSUCI                                              LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Meléndez
COMPLETED: 2012                                         ROLE: Designer / Project Manager


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